This story deals with Tsonga cultural attire specifically for ladies, we learn more about what items are worn with what and their significance within the Tsonga culture.

The Tsonga people belong to the Bantu branch of the Niger-Congo language(s). In South Africa most of the VaTsonga now live in places like Nkowankowa, Giyani, Malamulele in Limpopo province.

The Xibelani is a skirt made out of different materials worn by Tsonga women. The a skirt designed to make your hips look bigger espicially when dancing. Xibelani plays an important role among Tsonga people; it encourages youth to love their culture by marking them out as Tsonga women. Nowadays Xibelana is worn in almost any occasion for example, in church and in customary rituals.

Sometimes you can wear a Micheka over a Xibelani. Micheka is the brightly coloured and patterned cotton cloth that is worn on top of to complete the Tsonga traditional look.

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